The Aiky Universe

The brand DNA

A young jewelry brand based in Paris, Aiky is above all handmade jewelry. The identity of the brand was imagined by Rojo and Rary in a constant process of artistic exploration.

The visual universe of the collections is tirelessly revisited over the seasons.

Nature, noble materials, colors are all sources of creations that give birth to these pieces. It is instinctively and in a self-taught manner that Rojo and Rary imagine the collections and the universes that accompany them.

Aiky :

L’une des choses les plus difficiles est de nommer une petite entreprise entrepreneuriale. Le nom de la marque est essentiellement l’extension de soi. « Aiky » qui signifie « flatterie » est forcément le nom retenu comme un hommage à toutes les femmes qui ont bercé notre enfance et qui nous accompagnent dans notre aventure. Tout particulièrement, notre grand-mère et notre mère couturières et créatrices. L’une comme l’autre étaient solo entrepreneur élevant respectivement six et quatre enfants.

Rojo and Rary:

Rojo whose name means "chain" and Rary whose name means "wish" develop their brand with passion. They take a singular look at the creation of jewelry and recall the raw happiness of handmade. They are inspired by the mix of different universes and support the replacement of mass production by that designed with love.